Digital X-Rays


At Yorkville Dental Arts, we treat each dental case with all the care, professionalism and expertise we have. Each treatment plan is different; it depends primarily on the examination and the diagnosis of the dental case. Since the identification of the dental illness is one of the first and most important steps in the dental treatment process, we use the latest, state of the art technology to guarantee precision, accuracy and early detection of the problem.

Our digital x-ray machine helps us get a clear vision of your oral condition, especially the parts that are not seen by the naked eye. Dental X-rays allow us to:

  • * Monitor your gum condition and identify the severity of the disease if there’s any.
  • * Detect decay or any abnormalities and treat them before they become more serious.
  • * Get a full picture of your jaws, bone tissues and teeth in relation to each other and monitor their growth and changes.

We get to know so much about your oral condition, while exposing you to almost 90% less radiation, compared to traditional X-ray machines. We care for your overall health and safety and we plan to continuously update ourselves and use the latest technologies in dentistry to provide you with the best services and dental experiences out there.

Yorkville Dental Arts - Digital Dental X-rays