Tooth Extractions


Even though we try as much as we can to avoid extractions and prefer treating the diseased tooth and fixing the dental problem, sometimes tooth extractions are just necessary.  If left in place, a decayed tooth beyond repair can cause more problems to the surrounding gum tissues and bone structure, eventually affecting your whole oral health negatively. At Yorkville Dental Arts, we’ll recommend the best restorative dental procedure for you, in case we have to resort to tooth extractions for permanent teeth.

Wisdom teeth, on the other hand, can sometimes cause more oral problems than being of use. Impacted wisdom teeth may cause damage to the adjacent teeth. Inflamed gums, shifting of the teeth and tooth decay, are some of the dental problems that may be cause by impacted wisdom teeth. In this case, it is best to extract the tooth and save the rest of your mouth from serious dental problems.

Dr. Deliakis will gladly examine your mouth and take x-ray images to determine if a tooth can be saved or better removed altogether. Book your appointment now!