Laser Periodontal Therapy


At Yorkville Dental Arts, we employ Laser dentistry to treat many cases of gum related infections.


We use specific lasers for soft tissue such as your gums and the inside of your cheeks. The use of lasers for soft tissue treatments allows us to be very precise as to the area affected. This precision creates a situation with less swelling and faster healing. In our office lasers are used in many situations including gum surgery and contouring as well as periodontal treatments, all with an increased hygienic environment and decreased recovery times.

Until recently, periodontal treatment required surgery, whereby the damaged as well as healthy gum tissue would be removed. The use of a dental laser to treat periodontal disease allows us to target diseased areas and bacteria while preserving healthy gum tissue. The laser and healing process also stimulates blood flow to the pocket area that is created by Periodontal Disease. This helps to speed up the healing process and repair some of the damage caused by the disease.

Feel free to ask about our Dental Laser on your next visit or through our 'ask a dentist' a question section.